Enroll at Sydkskånska Nationen and join the Novice period for spring ’21!

Register at Sydskånska Nationen For those of you who haven’t decided about which nation you should choose, we want to introduce ourselves briefly. We at Sydskånska are known as “The nation where music matters”, and this is true! Sydskånska people love music,  which really shines through if you visit one of our many events! But … Read more

Extra Nation meeting 26th of May

Dear Sydskåningar, An additional nation meeting will be held on the 26th of May at 6 p.m. This meeting will only be held digitally. You join the meeting by emailing a picture of ID + student card to rostlangd@sydskanska.se After your submitted photos have been reviewed, you will receive an email with a zoom link to … Read more

Spring semesters Second Nation meeting – April 7 2020

Dear Sydskåningar! The first regular nation meeting of the spring semester will take place on Tuesday April 7th, 2020. Due to new recommendations from the authorities this meeting will only be possible to attend digitally. More information on how will be posted later! Candidacy Candidates or counter-candidates for all posts except for the Election Committee … Read more

First nation meeting of the spring semester February 18th

Dear Sydskåningar! The first regular nation meeting of the spring semester will take place on Tuesday February 18, 2020. During this nation meeting, the members will elect trust posts, as well as approve the spring semester budget and activity plan. Below you will find the notice, the agenda and the announcement of the vacant positions … Read more

Autumn Semester's first regular national meeting 10 September

Dear Sydskåningar! On Tuesday 10 September the first regular national meeting of the autumn semester will be held. During this nation's meeting, the selection of positions of trust in the former and HYY board will be corrected, and decisions on the nation's budget and operational plan for the autumn 2019 will be taken. Interested in … Read more

The Spring semester's third ordinary Nation meeting May 7

Dear Sydskåningar! The Spring semester’s third and last regular National meeting will be held on Tuesday 7 May at 18.00(..).Below you will find the Nomination Committee’s proposal for positions of trust. Interested in the election committees’ election processes?You will find the election process for the nation’s nomination committee HERE, and you will find the Nomination … Read more