The Nation

The Nation

Sydskånska Nationen is that little big nation, a place where you recognise everyone and everyone recognises you.  We’re very happy to say many of our members are also active in organizing and arranging the activities and sections related to the nation and are a part of the community that we value so highly. Under the roof of Sydskånska (“Southern Skåne:ish”), everyone is from southern Skåne, no matter where you come from!

In Lund we are known as the nation where the music matters. This is certainly accurate. We love music, and you’ll know that when you visit our clubs, pubs, lunches, cafées, or when you just stop by the reception to say hello.

We also love doing things outside the nation and have a very active activities- and well-being-committee called NATU. Together we go hiking, go to museums, arrange festivals, and all kinds of other strange stuff.

Sydskånska is a dynamic environment that promotes innovation and fresh thinking – we welcome ideas and suggestions with open arms and always try to take the time to realize them.

Welcome to the music nation of Lund!


Sydskånska Nationen, as we are called today, was formerly called Ystad nation and was part of the Skånska nationen (Scanian nation) that existed until the end of the 19th century. By the beginning of the 19th century, the Skånska nationen had become too large for the inspector to have knowledge of all its members. On May 8, 1833, a new statute was therefore approved to divide the nation into six departments: Lund, Lund district, Malmö, Landskrona and Helsingborg, Ystad and Kristianstad. Each of these departments was headed by a department qurator.

However, this new organization became quite inconvenient and it was decided to come up with a new solution. A committee was created to solve the problem, they ended up presenting a proposal that Skåne nation should be divided at the nation meeting on 16 May 1889. The last nation meeting of Skåne nation was held on 25th of November in 1889 and on 1 January 1890 the division came into force and Ystad’s nation was formed. In 1954, it was decided to build a nation house and in the same vein rename the nation to today’s name: Sydskånska nationen.


The nation’s charter and policies are a bit like its backbone. If you want to know more about how the nation works and how we work with things like equal treatment, alcohol and the environment, it’s time to read on!