Welcome to Sydskånska Nationen!

Welcome to Sydskånska Nationen!

How do I become a member?

Step 1 – Studentlund

The first thing you need to do to become a member is to register on studentlund.se. You do this by uploading your admission letter from antagning.se or a registration certificate from Ladok.

Congratulations! Now you have a membership in Studentlund! It is a membership that applies to both your student union, student nation and the Academic Association. If you want to learn more about Studentlund and all the fun you can do with your membership, you can click here.

Step 2 – Choosing a student nation

Now is the time to choose a nation. There are 12 nations to choose from with your Studentlund membership. Regardless of which nation you choose, you can go to regular activities such as lunches, pubs and clubs at all nations. To become a member of Sydskånska Nationen, you come to our registration, which is open weekdays 10-18, here at Tornavägen 5! Come here and we will help you become a member and we will answer all your questions about student life in Lund!

During Spring semester of 2022, registration is open 17/1-11/2. If you want to register at the nation after the registration period is over, you can come by our expedition which is open weekdays 11-13, and Thursdays 17-19.

What’s a Novice period?

Step 3 – Joining the Novice period

You have now become a member of Sydskånska Nationen. Welcome!! In order for you to find your new friends in the nation and get into the student life, we arrange a Novice period for all new members every semester. It is a period of 2-3 weeks filled with fun activities such as coffee, pentathlon, club visits, pub, cinema, pre-parties, sittnings and more. We end this memorable period with a magnificent typical student-“sittning”! We make sure you get the best introduction to student life and our nation!

A novice period at Sydskånska Nationen gives you the opportunity to get to know people outside your education, and is the best way to take part in the nation and its community, which is there for you meet friends to keep throughout your studies. A home outside the home. As a novice, you will be assigned a mentor and a mentor group that will help you get into Lund’s student life. We know that it can be a lot the first few weeks in Lund, so you choose how much you want to be a part of. And of course we are here for you even after the Novich period!

Want to know more about the nation? On our website you can read about how to get involved in the nation, our various club concepts, or about our larger events such as the ball and Valborg parties.