The House

The House

Welcome to Sydskånska Nationens Studentbostadshus!

We are located at Tornavägen 5 in Lund, less than a five minute walk from LTH and the School of Economics. LUX, SOL and Paradiset are also close by.

We have a lovely green back garden with a barbecue area and terrace for our tenants to use freely.

Sydskånska Nationens Studentbostadshus is not only a student housing building – it is also a home. In our house there is room for 48 happy students!

The house was built as early as the 1950s, but underwent a complete renovation in 1994. The house has three floors and on each floor there are 11 corridor rooms, 2 double rooms and 1 kitchenette. All rooms have French balconies. Both apartments and duplicates have their own kitchen. In the corridor there is also a shared kitchen and living room, as well as a large glazed balcony.

All rooms are unfurnished, except for a couple of stationary wardrobes, with access to a private bathroom equipped with shower. The rent includes heating, water, electricity and internet and during the summer months June-July you live rent-free.


●      Corridor room, approx. 20m2. Rent SEK 3952 kr/ month, 10 months.

●      Apartment for one person, about 29m2. Rent SEK 5357 / month, 10 months

●      Apartment for two people (duplicate), about 42 m2. Rent SEK 7097/ month, 10 months.

To live with us, you must be a student at Lund University, Lund University of Technology or at another university affiliated with Studentlund, and be a member of Sydskånska Nationen. As a member and resident, you also undertake to follow the nation’s statutes and policies.

Just outside the door you will find the residential building’s communal bicycle parking. It is also possible for our residents to rent a parking space for a car, monthly or for shorter periods.

In the basement of the house you have access to a laundry room and sauna.

The House board
The house is managed by the house board. This consists of the nation’s Inspector, ProInspector, House foreman, Qurator, a housing representative and four other members.

House foreman – Adam Svensson
The House foreman is the person who is responsible for regular phase administration and makes sure that things work as they should in the house. The House foreman works full time and is part of the nation’s Quratel, with responsibilities such as arranging moving in and out of the house, handling residents’ error reports and answering questions regarding the nation’s housing.  In addition, the House foreman also works with managing the nation’s house in general, including the premises where the nation conducts its activities.

If you have questions about the house, or want to get in touch with our  house foreman, you are more than welcome to email

Housing representative
The housing representative is one of our residents and is elected at a Nation Meeting. The purpose of this is to inform and represent the residents’ interests in the house board. The housing representative has regular contact with the corridor representatives to obtain information on how the residents experience their housing situation.

Housing application

Welcome to Sydskånska Nationens Studentbostadshus!

Fill in your information down below to apply for accomodation in our building.

If you have any questions regarding your application, contact the House foreman through or 070-756 46 94.


At Sydskånska Nationens Studentbostadshus we offer three different kinds of student housing. Corridor rooms share a kitchen and common area with eachother, pentry rooms have a their own kitchenette and a double room consists of two rooms and a kitchenette. Each alternative includes your own bathroom with shower.

Sydskånska Nationen

To live at the house you have to be a member of Sydskånska Nationen. To have worked at the nation, be an elected foreman or active in any other way is meritorious in your application. Another requirement is that you are a student at a University or College approved by Studentlund.

Personal letter

Writing a personal letter to let us know a bit about who your are as a person is recommended.


I agree that Sydskånska Nationen store my above given information until that point I am automatically removed from the queue (6 months after last renewal of application) or manually leave the queue by contacting the house foreman ( with the purpose of being removed from the housing application registry.