Other parties

Other parties

At Sydskånska Nationen we like to have fun together! That is why we have several traditional parties every semester, read more about them below:

The goose dinner
As the nation representing south Skåne, the tradition of celebrating Mårten gås lives on. Once a year, the people of Sydskånska Nationen gather in the warmth of the nation’s premises and celebrate this evening. This is celebrated at the nation with the traditional goose dinner (or vegan alternative) as well as singing, dancing and a visit from our honored guests Gösta and Stig. We also welcome both new and old Sydskåningar!

Christmas party
The Christmas party is a chance for the people of Sydskånska Nationen to come together and say goodbye to autumn. This party is filled with speeches, singing and a delicious Christmas buffet. The session traditionally ends with a dance around the Christmas tree and an after party at the nation!

Summer party
The summer party is the last activity of the semester where the people of Sydskånska Nationen gather one last time before they go home to their home areas. This event is usually held outdoors and a summer buffet is offered before moving on to the backyard! According to tradition, we all walk to Sankt Hans backar to watch the sunrise together.

Novice party
The novice party is a must for all new students in Lund! This is the party where you celebrate the end of the novice period and the beginning of new friendships. Of course, this is celebrated with a studentesque sittning with a three-course dinner and afterparty that gives you a taste of your coming years in Lund. The novice party is a fantastic way to start your life in Lund and also a wonderful chance to get to know the old traditions of Sydskånska Nationen.

The foreman dinner
The foreman dinner is a chance for the nation to show its appreciation to the active foremen who have worked hard to keep our operations going. Of course, this is celebrated with a three-course dinner, party, singing and entertainment!