The Seniors are the board of directors of the Nation.

This board meets regularly with the Quratel and work with questions that involve strategic guidelines and larger questions regarding the Nation’s vision, economy, investments, equality, reconstruction, etc.

Members of the board also work in smaller groups such as the Continuity group, the Reconstruction group, the Economy group, the Security group, and others.

Furthermore the Seniors prepare issues before the Nation meeting and also elect the head of the nominations committee and its members.

If you want to get in touch with Seniors, you are very welcome to email

Our Contact Seniors are those who sometimes act as a link through the Quratel and the foremen. Contact Seniors work to listen and create opportunities for the Nation’s active members to make their voices heard by creating discussion forums where ideas, the future and improvements can be discussed. You can always contact Contact Seniors if you want to ventilate or talk about something, big or small. You’ll reach them at