Music & Celebrations

Music & Celebrations

Sydskånska Nationen is the place for those of you who love music, wonderful company and inspiring people. We focus on both live music and dance-friendly beats at Osignat and our rotating Saturday clubs. The music theme also shines through in our other activities such as Torsdagspuben, Kafé Matiné and Fredagslunchen, where you can occasionally come across theme nights and live music!

(Psst! As a member you get a 50% discount on club entry with us and as an active member you can always skip the queue.)

Lund’s oldest hip hop club continues to deliver heavy beats in a mix of old and new. Despite the fact that Svartklubben is no longer the only club offering the genre, we are the only one who has managed to keep its audience since 2003, without compromising on any level!

If you are open to broadening your taste in music in hip hop and RnB, this is the right place. If these are not your favorite genres when you enter the club, we can guarantee they are when you leave!

Soul, funk and disco blasts from the speakers when Lund’s most dance-friendly club comes alive! Foxen is not only the nation’s oldest club, it is the oldest in all of Lund’s student life! These evenings always deliver music that stays with you until long after you have left the club.

Foxen started as a jazz association once upon a time, and today offers Lund students the opportunity to dance themselves sweaty to funk, soul and disco. Come and enjoy some classic tunes, glitter and fantastic dancing!

Open Club
With space for both width and niche, Open Club offers the opportunity for you to hear all of your favorites, whether techno, pop, indie or rock! In recent years, the Eurodisco club has become a big favorite and something you really do not want to miss. Other popular themes have been 90s, punk and bubblegum pop!

Are you interested in seeing local acts and bands live on stage, or is it mainly the good food and entertainment that attracts? Every month we offer a pub where promising bands and solo artists perform.

Sometimes we also offer Open-mic evenings where the stage is open for you who want to perform! Do you have a guitar at home or want to sing karaoke with your friends? The stage is yours!