When the ice drops, Sydskåningar host a ball!

In March every year, Sydskånska Nationen opens its doors for Knävlingagillet! Knävlingagillet is Sydskånska’s most magnificent event and annual ball. Sydskåningar, alumni and friends gather here to have an evening they won’t forget.

Knävlingagillet was founded in 1967 by Anders Mårtensson and Catharina Markborn and is held every year, at the end of winter. The reason is that Skåne’s farmers were seen once a year to settle their debts. All the farmers each had a “Knävling” in their possession, a wooden tray where debts and claims were engraved. When the debts were settled, a celebratory dinner was held, hence the name of the ball Knävlingagillet.

On the 19th of March, Sydskånska Nationen opens the doors of Stora Salen in AF-borgen for Knävlingagillet 2022. This year’s edition is extra special as Knävlingagillet celebrates its 55-year anniversary, which we will celebrate with grandeur! Both old and new members as well as friends of Sydskånska Nationen are invited to an evening filled with song and entertainment. After the dinner, the festivities continue with dance to big band, sexa in Café Athen and night club in Stora Salen. 

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