New Song book!

New Song book!

The Songbook Collection

Dear Sydskåning, student, worker, foreman, alumnus, friend,

FINALLY – Sydskånska Nationen can present: The songbook collection!

Songs are a big part of student life, whether it concerns sittnings, balls, competitions or other activities with students in attendance. Singing permeates the student’s life! But nobody knows all the songs by heart – that’s why the songbook exists! The songbook contains both traditional songs and festive songs as well as special songs and classic snaps songs. A must-have in the life of the nation or union active student!

We at Sydskånska Nationen have finally started up the work with a new and updated songbook again. We would love to see you be part of the completion of this!

If you want to donate a penny to Sydskånska’s songbook, here are the prices for this:

80 SEK songbook, advance purchase

200 SEK your name in the songbook + songbook

400 SEK your name with a short greeting of max. 40 characters + songbook

700 SEK your name with a longer greeting of max. 140 characters + songbook

1,000 SEK organisation’s/company’s logo in the songbook

2000 SEK full page to write a greeting

The donation ladder is open until October 10th

Fill out the following form after donating:

If you have any questions about the new songbook or donations, you can contact us via

It is of course also possible to come by expen during its opening hours!

Dear regards,
The Sydskånska Nation Songbook Committee