Second meeting of the spring semester 2023-03-28

Second meeting of the spring semester 2023-03-28

On Tuesday, March 28, the spring semester’s second regular National meeting will take place. During this Nation meeting, among other things, elections for positions of trust within Quratel, the Seniors’ College, the House Board, the Mästeri and the Election Committee will take place. Elections will also be held to fill vacant foreman positions. Call for entries can be read below.

Recommendations and election process

Here you can read the National Election Committee’s recommendations, as well as their election process

Here you can read the Senior Board’s election committee’s recommendations, as well as their election process.

Representatives from both election committees will be available half an hour before the meeting to answer questions.

Personal presentations

Sam Dawes – Proqurator Ekonomi

Ella Regnell – Pr-chef
Jesper Samuelsson – Pr-chef

Adam Svensson – Husförman

Opposing candidacies for positions within Quratel, the Seniors College, the House, and the Election Committee must be notified to the Qurator via no later than three (3) days before the meeting, i.e. Saturday, March 25 at 17:59. Note that regular elections for posts within the Mästeri, Novice and International Secretary can be made through free candidacy at the meeting.

Remaining bi-elections are not prepared by the election committee, for these apply free candidacy at the national meeting. If any member of the nation wishes to run for office without attending the meeting, candidacy with justification can be sent to

Proposals for matters to be considered at the National meeting must be submitted to the Qurator in writing no later than five (5) days before the meeting.

The spring semester’s second regular Nation meeting will be arranged in the Göstabudsalen at Sydskånska Nationen, Tornavägen 5. The opportunity to attend digitally will not be offered. For questions and concerns, email