I want to get in touch with Sydskånska Nationen, how do I do it?
If you do not know who to contact at the nation, you are always welcome to contact us at: expen@sydskanska.se

What is Studentlund?
Studentlund consists of the nations, Akademiska Föreningen and the student nations. When you become a member of Studentlund, you get access to both the social community and events. You also get the opportunity to influence your education, make contacts with the labour market, join the housing queue at AF Bostäder and the nations and much more!

How do I get a guest card?
You get a guest card by visiting the nation’s expedition and buying one! This costs 100 SEK, remember to bring a valid ID and StudentID. You must study at a university or college and be at least 18 years old to buy a guest card.

When and where can I visit your expedition?
Sydskånska Nationen is located on: Tornavägen 5, 223 63 LUND
The nation’s expedition is open: weekdays between 11-13, Thursdays also between 17-19

How do I join the nation?
During the novice period, you are warmly welcome to swing by the nation and we will help you on the spot. Otherwise you can also send an email to: expen@sydskanska.se and we will help you!

I want to volunteer! How do I help?
You are very welcome to join our Facebook Group where our active members write when they need workers! Alternatively, you can sign up to work here.

How do I become a foreman at the nation?
We are always happy to welcome new foremen! Each semester, three nation meetings are held where you can join and apply for a position on the spot. Before each meeting, a document is sent out where you can read more about which positions can be applied for and on which day the meeting is held. You are also always welcome to email: expen@sydskanska.se for information about when meetings take place and how you participate.