Sydskånska nation is for many of its active members and alumni a second home in Lund. It is here they made their first student contacts, made friends and became part of a community for life.

As a community we weekly organise social and creative events through our fantastic foremen and workers for the whole of Student Lund. Like so many other companies and associations, Sydskånska Nation has been affected by the consequences of the Coronapandemic and therefore the campaign #StödSSK was created. 

Do you want to support our activities and community?

Do you want to give a donation 100 to 1000 sek you may use our swish: 123 018 94 07. Mark it with “NAME + STÖDSSK”.

For donations over 1000 sek use our Bankgiro: 127-8969. Mark it with “Name + STÖDSSK”.

Any donation no matter the size is very much appreciated!