The Quratel

The Quratel

The Quratel

In the Nation’s service

The Quratel of Sydskånska Nationen consists of five people. Three of these (Q, PQE, PQS) are full-time and take a break from their studies for one year, two of them (PR-Chef & Notarie) work half-time and are studying at the same time.
All five devote themselves wholeheartedly to the nation.
It’s the Quratel that together is the nation’s management team and they coordinate the nation’s day-to-day operations.



The Qurator is the nation’s chief operating manager. 
The Qurator is full-time and responsible for all contact with authorities and cooperation organizations such as our friend nations, other nation’s in Lund, municipality and our alumni association Piraten.

If you have questions about the nation’s activities, membership or press it is to Ella you turn to!

ProQurator Ekonomi


Our PQE is full-time and responsible for everything concerning finances and economy at the nation!

You can ask Johan about the nations economy if you have any questions!

ProQurator Social


The nation’s PQS is responsible  our lovely staff, purchases,  locales and bookings.

The PQS is the one you contact if you have any questions about what it’s like being a foreman! You can also write to Isabella if you want to book our venues, sittnings or tables at our pub!



The Notarie (Notary) is responsible for the nation’s fantastic enrollment and novisch period each semester, in addition to the enrollment, the Notarie is responsible for the conducting of protocols, the management of our membership lists and the nation’s archives.

You turn to Noa for questions about the enrollment and the Novischperiod!



The PR-Chef (PR Manager) is responsible for the nation’s marketing, which entails everything from graphics and posters, social media updates to the website working properly. Often seen with eyes on her cellphone, instagraming about everything that happens at the nation.

Questions about our marketing? Contact Klara!