The Third Nation Meeting of the fall semester, November 29th

Dear Sydskåningar! The third and final national meeting of the fall semester will take place on Wednesday November 29. In this election, decisions on discharge, presentation of preliminary business plan for VT18 and election of trust posts for next semester will be discussed. Below are the available posts to candidate for, call for attendance and … Read more

Hello Novisches!

NOVISCH AT SYDSKÅNSKA Are you new in Lund? Becoming a novisch at Sydskånska is a great way to get to know the Swedish student life. We would love for you to join us, no matter how much time you have in between classes and homework! When you sign up to become a novisch at Sydskånska, … Read more

Thank you for this spring semester!

Now we have taken a summer vacation here at Sydskånska Nationen and we wish you all a really nice summer! Thank you for this amazing semester, we are convinced that the fall semester will be wonderful with you!   During the summer the expedition is closed and we can be reached easily via e-mail ( Our … Read more