The Second Nation Meeting of the Fall Semester

The Second Nation Meeting of the Fall Semester

Dear Sydskåningar,
On the 24th of October the second nation meeting of the semester will occur. During this meeting, we will elect new members for the Quratel, the housing board and foremen.

Down below, you will find the election committees recommendations for the nation meeting.

Presentations: Quratel and Seniors
Qurator Moa Johansson SVE + ENG
Qurator Jenny Käll Karlsson SVE + ENG
ProQurator Social Olof Graah-Hagelbäck SVE + ENG
Senior (4t) Jasmine Ouattara Friberg SVE + ENG
Senior (4t) Elsa Klinthäll SVE + ENG
Senior (2t) Sara Bergström SVE + ENG
Senior (2t) Andreas Böhlin SVE +ENG

If you wish to candidate for a foreman post during the meeting, free nomination applies to all posts except for the election committee. Any and all candidacies for posts within the housing board, the Quratel, seniors or the election committee must be sent to the Qurator via at least three (3) days before the meeting ie. no later than 17:59 on Sunday, October 21st.

All candidacies will be posted on Monday, October 22nd . Candidates received after this will not be taken into account. All questions can be sent to the Qurator via

Best regards,
Jasmine Ouattara Friberg