Third Nation Meeting of the spring semester 2021

Third Nation Meeting of the spring semester 2021

Dear Sydskåningar!

On Tuesday, May 11:th, the spring semester’s third Nation Meeting kicks off.

Candidacy and Nomination
Candidacy for all foremen by-elections (marked with *) is made directly at the meeting, and is not prepared by the election committee.
Ordinary elections, as well as filling elections within the upper board (marked with **), are applied for by nomination. Last day to nominate is 25:th of april.

You can read descriptions of the various foreman posts here.

Motions and Counter-candidacies
Proposals for matters to be considered at the Nation Meeting must be received by Qurator in writing no later than five (5) days before the meeting. Counter-candidacies for positions within the upper board and the nomination committee must be notified to the Qurator via no later than three (3) days before the meeting, ie. Saturday, May 8:th at 17:59.

For questions and concerns, email

Registration for the meeting
The request to participate must be announced in this form, and a picture of ID + student card must be emailed to Zoom link to the meeting will be sent out the same day as the meeting. See you at the national meeting!

NOTE! This meeting will only take place digitally! NOTE!

The Election Committee recommendations and election process
Here you can find the Nation Election Committee recommendations. Here you can find their election process.
Here you can find the Seniors Board Election Committee recommendations. Here you can find their election process.

Representatives from both election committees will be available half an hour before the meeting to answer questions.

Seniors board member (2t): Agnes Hedengren
Seniors board member (4t): Maja Duveborn

Documents to be discussed at the meeting
At the meeting, we will make decisions regarding the Sydskånska Nation House Board financial statements for the financial year 2020, as well as the framework budget for Nationen for the coming financial year. These can be read at the office, and there will be representatives on site in the zoom call from both the Board of Housing and the Nation to answer questions half an hour before the meeting.

Basis and background for decision §34-§37 can be found below in swedish:
Beslutsunderlag för beslut om ansvarsfrihet för styrelsen i Sydskånska nationens studentbostads 2020
Beslutsunderlag för disponering av årets resultat 2020 för Sydskånska nationens studentbostadshus
Beslutsunderlag för fastställande av husets resultat- och balansräkning 2020
Beslutsunderlag för godkännande av husets revisionsberättelse 2020