Meet Jimmy Kus

Meet Jimmy Kus

Meet Jimmy Kus! One of our international students who’s not just a very charming Australian but also the one who gave me my first novish-party-dance. Meet the guy who voluntarily turned his room into a comedy club, who smashed his nose against the ceiling by jumping too high, who considers his ass to be his best attribute and who’s never afraid of singing a Swedish solo.


Name: James William Kus
Celebrity name: ”The birdman”
Age: 22
Born in: Bacchus Marsh in Australia (or let’s just say close to Melbourne)
Position at ssk: Foreman at Afternoon Teasdag
Studies: Bachelor of Commerce

Hi Jimmy, you are the ssk:r of the week! How does it feel?
I feel proud… and privileged.

For those who doesn’t know you, who are you?
I’m a loud and loving man…

How come you moved to Sweden?
To study abroad (obviously).. It was my top choice because of the english courses… and apparently everyone is really attractive ; )

How did you find out about ssk?
I met a random Swedish girl in Berlin and she told me to join Sydskånska.

Why did you choose to become a forman and why AT?
I had so much free time and I needed something to do.. I worked one time and then they told me that I should become a forman and that was the first time I heard about it. And why Afternoon Teasdag? Well I was not good enough for either pub or lunch so I ended up here.. but I really like it ; )

What’s the best thing about being here, what are you going to miss the most?
The people and all the free time and my unlimited supply of drinking buddys!

What’s the worst? What are you not going to miss whatsoever?
How expensive life is and how expensive meat is! I had to become a vegetarian!

Is there something that did not match your expectations?
No way! Everything exceeded my expectations! I never though I would make any friend and now I have like 12 of them ; ) But also the student life, it’s amazing! And everything is just so pretty.

What do you miss the most from home?
Family and friends…

Is there anything specific that you’ve learned here?
To take a step back and enjoy things as they happen.

Something you did here that you never ever thought you would do?
Having a naked sauna with my 12 new best friends in a cabin in the middle of woods… I never ever thought that would happen.

Any hidden talent or great party tricks?
Skulling beer! And also I can read minds….

What was your dream as a child?
I wanted to become a truck driver but if that failed I wanted to be a sumo wrestler.. mostly I think I just wanted to be fat.

What would you do with a one million dollar check?
I would fly people over for a week of holiday and then I would buy some cool shit and invest the rest. And also I would like to sponsor 20 orphanage children.

Something you can’t do but you wish you could?
Speak every language in the world, starting with Swedish.

What on your playlist are you ashamed of?
Avicii.. no I didn’t say that, I’m not ashamed of that.. S club 7, that’s what Im ashamed of.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would that be?
Dark chocolate with almonds, a very balanced diet.

What are you really afraid of?
Haha, birds which is quite ironic since they call me the bird man but they really freak me out. And snakes, my brother had one as a pet and it terrified the shit out of me.

Best pick-up-line/move?
My dancing!

How does one impress you?
By having a good conversation or telling a really good story..
I love good storytellers.

jimmy3Who at ssk would you take to a desert island?
Kalle Olsson
Who would you trust as your partner in crime?
Dom and Jenner
Who would you not allow your sister to date?
David Frödin

Some quick questions:
The shining or Love actually
Kangaroos or mooses, would like to see a kangamoos
Onstage or backstage
Walking around naked for ten days or wearing a Justin Bieber shirt at your wedding.

A greeting to everyone out there:
Thanks for being my family away from home!

Thank you Jimmy! And here’s your track of the day:
Flight Facilities – Sunshine