Third Nation Meeting of fall semester 2021

Third Nation Meeting of fall semester 2021

Dear Sydskåningar!
On Tuesday, November 30, the autumn semester’s third Nation Meeting will take place. During this nation meeting, the election of seniors and foremen for the next semester will take place.

The Nomination Committees recommendations
You can read the Nomination Committees recommendations here.
You can read the Nomination Committes election process here.

Feel free to ask us
The Nomination Committee will be available 30 minutes before the meeting to answer questions about the election process.

Other information
Proposals for matters to be considered at the Nation Meeting must be received by Qurator in writing no later than five (5) days before the meeting. Counter-candidacies for positions within Quratel, the Upper Board and the Nomination Committee must be notified to the Qurator via no later than three (3) days before the meeting, ie. Saturday, November 27 at 17:59.

The third Nation Meeting will be arranged in the Göstabudssalen at Sydskånska Nationen, Tornavägen 5. Opportunity to attend digitally will not be offered.

For questions and concerns, email