Fall Semester’s Second Ordinary Nation Meeting 22 October

Fall Semester’s Second Ordinary Nation Meeting 22 October

Dear Sydskåningar!

On Tuesday, October 22, the second regular Nation Meeting of the fall semester will be held. During this Nation Meeting, election of positions of trust within the Quratel, the House Board and the Foremen group for next semester will be held. There will also be a choice of filling of foreman posts for this semester.

At this meeting, a new position as a full-time Houseforeman for the calendar year 2020 is announced. For more information, you are welcome to email husforman@sydskanska.se.

Below you will find the Nomination Committee’s proposals for the posts and the related reasons. Interested in the Nomination Committee’s election process? Then click HERE and HERE.

Recommendations of the Senior College Nomination Committee Fall 2019
Recommendations of the Nation Nomination Committee Fall 2019

Candidatures or counter-candidatures for all Foremen posts can be made by free nomination at the Nation Meeting. Exception: Counter-candidates for Quratel, Senior or Nomination Committee posts must be notified to Qurator via q@sydskanska.se at least three (3) days before the meeting ie. latest at 17:59 Saturday, October 19. Candidatures received after this will not be considered. Counter-candidatures will be announced on Monday, October 21.

You can read about the different Foremen positions here.

Any questions about the posts can be sent to q@sydskanska.se.

Best regards,
Moa Johansson