Enroll at Sydkskånska Nationen and join the Novice period for spring ’21!

Enroll at Sydkskånska Nationen and join the Novice period for spring ’21!

Register at Sydskånska Nationen

For those of you who haven’t decided about which nation you should choose, we want to introduce ourselves briefly. We at Sydskånska are known as “The nation where music matters”, and this is true! Sydskånska people love music,  which really shines through if you visit one of our many events! But we also have activities for those who like movies, or those who like to eat and drink something good. And of course for those who just want to hang out! Sydskånska is the small big nation and under our roof everyone is Sydskånska no matter where you come from! You will find us on Tornavägen 5, a stone’s throw from LTH! This year you have the opportunity to register digitally, in other words from your computer at home! You do this by sending an email to inskrivning@sydskanska.se with:

  • A picture of your ID
  • Registration certificate / admission notice
  • Contact and address information

We will delete your email as soon as you are registered!

Of course you also want to meet some of our amazing foremen and ask some questions about all the fun the nation has to offer & what it means to be Foreman Sydskånska Nationen! This year it is done in a socially distanced way in our virtual registration hangout in Zoom! It is open weekdays 10-18, same as the registration itself! Here you can of course ask questions about how to register as well!

Join us via: https://lu-se.zoom.us/j/61005699826

Join the Novice period at Sydskånska Nationen

Welcome to Lund! We at Sydskånska Nationen want to give you an unforgettable and exciting first time as a student in our wonderful city. A novice period at Sydskånska Nationen gives you the opportunity to get to know people outside your education, and the nation & its community are there for you throughout your studies. A home away from home! Spring registration opens on Monday the 18th of January and the novice period is filled with fun activities!

As a novice, you will be assigned a mentor and a group that will help you find your way in Lund’s student life. We know that it can be a lot during the first few weeks in Lund, so you choose how much you want to be a part of. And of course we are here for you even after the Novice period!

Sign up for the Novice period here

Regarding Covid-19:
We work actively to create safe and fun events in the current situation with Covid-19 and follow the public health authority’s recommendations. As a result, we have decided to only hold digital events during the coming months, which also applies to activities during the novice period. In this way, as a new student, you still have the opportunity to meet new friends and socialize. By participating in the novice period, you will quickly find your way into the community at Sydskånska Nationen!


16/1 International Café Matiné!

Shared cooking and movie night.

20/1 International zoom game night

An international game night with charades and other fun!

23/1 International treasure hunt

A slightly different city walk where you have the chance to collect points and win nice SSK prizes.

26/1 Novischfika

Get to know your novice group over a zoom fika!

28/1 Among us evening with NATU

Who is the Impostor?

30/1 FOXEN quiz!

Challenge your skills in Foxens’ music quiz!

4/1 Novice Pub with Quiz

A digital pub quiz!

6/1 By bike with SSK!

Where are we going? Lund edition!

10/2 Crafts day with vieri

Show your creative sides and do things with Sydskånska!

13/2 Digital novice sittning

How does a novice period best end if not with a sittning?

If you have any questions regarding the novice period or student life in general, you are more than welcome to email novischforman@sydskanska.se. Do you want to register? – Email when inskrivning@sydskanska.se registration is open weekdays between 10.00 – 18.00. You can also always email us at expen@sydskanska.se, you will find us at Tornavägen 5!