Second nation meeting 2020-10-27

Second nation meeting 2020-10-27

Dear Sydskåningar!

On Tuesday 27th of October the second regular nation meeting of the fall semester will be held. During this nation’s meeting, the selection of positions of trust in the foreman group and board will be held.



Candidatures or counter-candidatures for all items other than the upper rule and the nomination committee can be made by open nomination at the nation meeting.
Counter-candidatures for the upper board and election committee shall have been communicated to Qurator via no later than three (3) days before the meeting, i.e. 17:59 on Saturday 24 October. Counter-candidatures are posted Monday, 26 October.

Proposal to deal with at the nation meeting shall be sent in to the Qurator in writing at least five (5) days before the meeting.


There will be a limited opportunity to participate physically on site and this is mainly for the election committee, new members and people who are interested in applying for a foremanship.

Do you wish to attend the meeting digitally?
By filling in this form, you register for the Sydskånska Nation’s nation meeting on 27/10.
When registration is closed, tellers will Check all registrations to ensure that all Studentlund membership and membership to Sydskånska Nationen have been paid.
After this review, you will receive an email with a link to the Zoom platform where the nation meeting is held digitally. The link will be sent out on the same day as the nation meeting (27/10).

All the collected information will be deleted after the meeting.

The Election Committee will be available 30 minutes before the meeting to answer questions about the election process, as well as Qurator for the activity plan and ProQurator Economy about the budget.

Below you will find the Nomination Committee’s proposal for positions of trust with associated justification. Interested in the Nomination Committee’s election process? Then click HERE and HERE.

The Senior College’s Nomination Committee’s recommendations 
The Nation’s Election Committee’s recommendations 

Presentations of applicants to the Upper Board

Darius Baeckström (Qurator, 2t)
Maayke Broeksma (ProQurator Social, 2t)
Stina Stefansson (Seniorsledamot, 3t)
Ida Kortz (Seniorsledamot, 4t)
Maja Duveborn (Seniorsledamot, 2t)


For questions and concerns, do not hesitate to contact me at


Best regards,

Maja Duveborn,