First nation meeting of the spring semester February 18th

First nation meeting of the spring semester February 18th

Dear Sydskåningar!

The first regular nation meeting of the spring semester will take place on Tuesday February 18, 2020. During this nation meeting, the members will elect trust posts, as well as approve the spring semester budget and activity plan. Below you will find the notice, the agenda and the announcement of the vacant positions of trust.

Documents regarding the budget and business plan for spring-19 are available at the nation’s expedition during its opening hours and upon agreement.
Contact for more information.


Below you will find the nomination committee’s proposals for positions of confidence with related reasons. Interested in the Election Committee’s election process? Then click HERE and HERE.

Senior College Nomination Committee recommendations VT20
Recommendations of the Election Committee VT20

Presentations of candidates to the Upper Board

Erika Steen (4t)


Candidates or counter-candidates for all posts except for the Election Committee member, Senior College member, House foreman and Houseboard member can be made by free nomination at the national meeting. Counter-candidates for positions within the upper board and the election committee must be notified to the Qurator via no later than three (3) days before the meeting, ie. Saturday, February 15, at 17:59. Counter-candidatures will be published on Monday, February 17. Candidatures recieved after this will not be considered.


You can read descriptions of the various foreman posts here.

Best greetings,

Maja Duveborn