Spring semesters Second Nation Meeting – March 26 2019

Spring semesters Second Nation Meeting – March 26 2019

Dear Sydskåningar!

This spring’s Second Nation Meeting will take place at 18.00 on Tuesday March 26th, 2019. During this Nation Meeting, elections of trust positions within the Quratel, Senior College and Nomination Committee will be elected.

Below you will find the Nomination Committee’s proposal for positions of trust with the accompanying motivation. Interested in the Nomination Committee’s election process? Click here and here.

The Nomination Committee’s proposals – Spring 19
Senior College’s Nomination Committee’s proposals – Spring 19

Presentations for the Upper Board
ProQurator Ekonomi (2t)
Stina Stefansson

PR-Chef (2t)
Patryk Banach SWE ENG

Notarie (2t*)
Juan Sanchez

Seniorsledamot (4t)
Willian Trindade

Seniorsledamot (4t)
Alice Idéhn

Husförman (2t)
Peter Sergo


Candidates or counter-candidates for all trust posts, except the nomination committee member, can be made by free nomination at the Nation Meeting. Counter-candidatures for Quratel, Senior or Nomination Committee posts shall be notified to Qurator via q@sydskanska.se three (3) days before the meeting i.e. no later than 17:59 Saturday, March 23rd 2019. Counter-candidatures received in time will be announced on Monday, March 25th. Candidatures received after this will not be considered.

Nominations will take place from February 26th until March 9th at 23:59 (nominations received after this time will not be considered). Nominations are done by clicking HERE. The remaining posts will not be prepared by the nomination committee, as these apply to free candidacy at the nation meeting. If any member of the nation wishes to be a candidate without attending the meeting, a candidature may be sent to q@sydskanska.se.

The interviews will take place mainly from Monday March 11th to Wednesday March 20th. If you find it difficult to attend during these times, you can contact the nomination committee at valberedning@sydskanska.se.

For questions and concerns, do not hesitate to contact me at q@sydskanska.se.

Best Regards,
Moa Johansson