First spring nation meeting 2021-02-17

First spring nation meeting 2021-02-17

Dear Sydskåningar!

On Wednesday 17 February, the first Nation Meeting of the spring semester will be held. During this meeting, the filling of positions of trust within the foreman group and the Board will be held.


Proposals for matters to be considered at the Nation Meeting must be received by Qurator no later than five (5) days before the meeting. Candidacy for all positions except Notary, Nomination Committee member and Senior member can be done via open nomination at the nation meeting. Counter-candidacies for positions within the upper board and the nomination committee must be notified to the Qurator via no later than three (3) days before the meeting, ie. Sunday, February 14 at 17:59. You can read descriptions of the various foreman posts here.

For questions and concerns, email

Register for the meeting
If you wish to participate you need to fill out this form, and send a picture of your ID + student card to See you on wednesday!

Please come ask your questions

The Nomination Committee will be available 30 minutes before the meeting to answer questions about the election process, as well as Qurator for the business plan and ProQurator Finance’s current budget. Questions regarding Business Plan and Budget can also be answered during the expedition’s opening hours; weekdays 11-13, and Thursday 17-19.

NOTE! This meeting will only take place digitally!