The Spring Semester’s Third Ordinary Nation Meeting May 7

Dear Sydskåningar!

The Spring semester’s third and last Ordinary Nation Meeting will be held on Tuesday 7 May.

You can nominate for trust posts from Tuesday 9th April to Saturday 20th April at 23:59. Nominations received after this time will not be considered.
You nominate yourself or others by clicking HERE.
The remaining by-elections are not prepared in advance by the Nomination Committee, for these free candidacy apply at the Nation Meeting. If a member of the nation wishes to candidate without being able to attend the meeting, a candidacy may be sent in good time before the meeting to q@sydskanska.se.

The Interviews are conducted mainly between Monday, April 22nd and Wednesday, May 1. If you have difficulty attending during these times, you can contact the Nomination Committee at valberedning@sydskanska.se.

For any questions and concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at q@sydskanska.se.

Warm Greetings,
Moa Johansson,