The Quratel

The Quratel at Sydskånska Nationen is made up of five people.
Three of these (Q, PQE, PQS) work full-time and pause their studies for one year, two of which work half-time (PR-Chef & Notarie) they study during their year. Jointly they devote themselves wholeheartedly to the nation.
It is the Quratel who together is the nation’s management and mainly coordinates the daily activities.


The Qurator is the operations manager of the nation. The Qurator is responsible for contact with governmental agencies and organizations such as our friend nations, the municipality and our alumni organization.

If you have any questions about the nation or membership it’s Moa you should turn to!


Our PQE is responsible for all the finances of the nation and also all of our bookings!


The Nation’s PQS is responsible for locales, purchases, and is the personnel manager.

Olof is the one to turn to if you want to rent our locales for some student event, if you want to give us a tip about a sweet microbrewery, or if you have a suggestion about how we can work in a more environmentally sustainable way!


The Notarie (clerk) is responsible for the nation’s enrollment and novisch activities. The Notarie is also the head of protocols of our nation and board meetings, handling of our registers, and the nations archive.

Do you want to apply for Notarie for 2019?


The PR chief is responsible for the promotion and marketing of the nation, which means everything from graphics to posters, updates in social media, and that everything on the website works as it should. Can most often be seen with cellphone in hand, instagramming everything that’s happening at the nation.

Questions about our marketing? Contact Erika!