The House

Sydskånska Nation’s Student housing is located on Tornavägen 5 in Lund, less than five minutes walk from LTH and EC. We have room for 48 jolly students!

The house was built in the 50s, but went through a complete renovation in 1994. The house has three floors, every floor containing 11 corridor rooms, 2 double rooms and 1 apartment. The apartment houses its own kitchen, just like the two double rooms. All rooms have their own bathroom including shower and toilet. The rent includes heating, water, electricity and internet connection.

Please note that all our rooms are unfurnished.

If you have any questions regarding the house or want to contact the ones responsible for the house, please send an e-mail to


If you want to queue for accommodation at our house you can print the form below, complete with a personal letter and mail it to us. It is not possible to send your application through e-mail!

There are no more available rooms for the start of the fall term 2016.

Print and send in this form

Our address is:

Sydskånska Nationens Studentbostadshus

Tornavägen 5

223 63 LUND



Mark the envelope with “Bostadsansökan”

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