The House

The House

Welcome to Sydskånska Nationen’s Student House!

We are located on Tornavägen 5 in Lund, less than a five minute walk from the faculty of engineering, LTH, and the School of Economics and Management, EC. We have a lovely green backyard with a barbecue area for our tenants to use freely. Sydskånska Nationen’s Student House is not only a student housing house – it is also a home. And at home we have room for 48 happy students!

The house was built in the 1950s, but went through a complete renovation in 1994. The house has three floors, every floor containing 11 corridor rooms, 2 double rooms and 1 apartment. All rooms have French balconies (the doubles have two). The apartment houses its own kitchen, just like the two doubles. All rooms have their own bathroom including shower and toilet. The rent includes heating, water, electricity and internet connection and during the summer months June-August there is no rent.


  • Corridor room, about 20 m². Rent 3560 SEK / month, 10 months.
  • Apartment for one, about 29 m². Rent 4850 SEK / month, 10 months
  • Apartment for two, about 42 m². Rent 6400 SEK / month, 10 months.

Please note that all our rooms are unfurnished.

To live at Sydskånska, you must be a student at Lund University (or corresponding connected to Studentlund), as well as a member of Sydskånska Nationen. As a member and resident, you also commit to following the Nation’s statutes and policies.

The House Board
The house is managed by the House Board. In the House Board we have the Inspector, ProInspector, Houseforemen, Qurator, Resident Representative and additional Board members.

The Houseforeman is the person(s) responsible for the property management and ensures that things work properly at the house. They are students who are currently working on 25% to take care of the Sydskånska Nationens Student Housing, they take care of appointing housing and answer questions about the Nation’s housing. New for 2020 is that we now announce a position of trust as a full time Houseforeman.

Resident Representative
The Resident Representative is a resident living at the house who is elected at the Nation Meeting. The purpose of the Resident Representative is to inform and represent the interests of the residents in the House Board. The Resident Representative continually coordinates with the Corridor Representatives to obtain information on how the residents experience their housing situation.

If you have any questions regarding the house, accommodation or want to get in touch with our Houseforemen, please feel free to e-mail them at



We appoint housing continuously!

Are you interested in signing up for our accommodation queue – follow the steps below!

  1. Download and fill out the form “Housing Application”.
  2. Write a short letter about yourself and attach this to your housing application. Please tell us if you are interested in becoming active at the nation or in what way you are already active!
  3. Submit your complete application to and mark the e-mail “Housing Application”. It is also possible to post the application or submit it to the Nation’s expedition.

Get the housing application

In our selection process, we apply a scoring system based on, among other things, commitment at the nation and waiting time.

Our e-mail address is:
Mark the e-mail “Housing Application”.

NOTE! You must update your application each semester to stay in the housing queue (your housing application is saved for 6 months).

The House Board

Appointed Houseforeman
Sebastian Thor
ProInspector Henrik Berven

Resident Representative
Jussi Thorén
Mats Larsson
Member of the Board
Jasmine Kitzing
Member of the Board
Henrik Ekstrand
Member of the Board
Caroline Lilja Lindström
Member of the Board
Carlos Urey
Maja Duveborn