Do you know what it’s like to sip on the first refreshing beverage that you can finally drink outdoors when the grass has just dried after a long, cold and dark winter? Do you know how it feels to be so grateful that your friends persuaded you to come along to that party where you danced and laughed all day and all night long? Do you know how it feels like to feel the sun’s first rays in your face while you hear the birds in the sky and you just fall in love with everything and everyone around you?

No? Get Ready!

On 28 April 2019, Sydskånska’s garden explodes and turns into an open air with great music, a delightful festival vibe and delicious food and drinks that is guaranteed to ensure you get the best possible start to your Valborg week.

And it doesn’t end there. When the sun goes down we open the doors to our popular Skvalborg club Best of SSK.



☆ Per Hammar ☆
When Per Hammar takes over Sydskånska Nationen on Skvalborg, he does so with an arsenal consisting of several resharpened releases. Or how about Unconscious EP, which he releases on Infuse along with Rossko. There we find, among other things, the back-and dusty groove Dubbconscious. Listen to Rossko & Per Hammar-Dubbconscious.
As if that were not enough, there will also be a release together with Malin Génie which is planned to be released only a few days before Skvalborg. If you want to eavesdrop on the EP, you can do it here: Malin Génie & Per Hammar-Scania EP.

☆Abbi & Bendz ☆
Abbi & Bendz have made themselves known in Lund’s student life as frequent hip-hop DJs with many gigs behind them, including Sydskånska’s Svartklubben, Östgöta’s Downtown and Lundakarnevalen. Just as Hiphop brought them together, they have also had, and still have, a common penchant for house music and electronic music in general. So on April 28, they come to Sydskånska’s Skvalborg to show off their second self. Then the USB memories will be loaded with disco house, nu-disco and funky house, just in time for when spring is at its best and the sun (almost) stands at its highest.

☆ Julia & Johanna ☆
The DJ-duo who will play what you did not know you wanted to hear. Sparkling and Irresistible – you will dance, laugh and smile. Let the rhythms of electronic pop like spring seduce you and kick off your Valborg week in the best possible way!

☆ Mama ☆
MAMA makes you dance, MAMA makes you scream, MAMA makes you love, MAMA loves you! MAMA is a DJ duo from Heidelberg, Germany. But for Skvalborg, MAMA’s mastermind Marian turns to Lund and the Sydskånska Nationen to make the dance floor really sweaty with the help of his groovy melodic tech-house. For those of you who have already seen him and his basses on several raves last semester, you know-this will be fun!
Listen here


See you at Sydskånska on April 28th!