Knävlingagillet 2018

When the ice breaks, us Sydskåningar go to the ball!

On March 10th we will open the doors for Knävlingagillet 2018, which this year also takes place in the big hall of the AF-Borgen. Sydskånska Nationen’s alumni, members and friends are invited to an evening of singing and entertainment in a solemn atmosphere. After the dinner, the festivities continue with dance to big bands and more.

The Knävlingagillet was founded in 1967 by Anders Mårtensson and Catharina Markborn and is held every year at the end of the winter. The background to the ball is that Skåne’s farmers were seen once a year to settle their debts. All the peasants each had a “Knävling”, a wooden tray in which debts and receivables were engraved, in their possession, and when the debtwas settled, one held a party, Knävlingagillet.


– Program –

Saturday March 10th

17:00 Order chapter

18:00 The doors are closed

23:00 The dinner ends

00:00 Afterparty


Sunday March 11th

13:00 Ball brunch at Sydskånska Nationen


– Registration –

The registration for the ball is now closed.


Warm welcome wishes Sydskånska Nationen’s Övermarskalk and Quratel

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