The Sydskånska Nationen Alumni Association

The association Piraten was created in 1994, with the intent to keep and improve the contact between old and new Sydskånska members and alumni, as well as be of general use for the improvement of the nation.

We’re not just a collection of nostalgics, but also a group of individuals who hold the Sydskånska nation’s traditions highly in our hearts.  The resurrection of these traditions and memories happens in the workplace, in the study room, and in our free time!

We hope that you who are an old Sydskånska member still are interested in the nation and want to support it and its activities so that it may survive for much longer yet.

The association Piraten has an annual get together, which is usually an excellent time to have a swig of ale or two with all the friends from the nation. In addition to this we also arrange larger and smaller activities, all of them related to Sydskånska Nationen, its members, and its friends.

The association is chaired by a group composed of some of its members.

To become a member and take part in all of this you can apply through this this form (it is in Swedish), and then paying to the Piraten Bankgiro.


One calendar year
100 kr

1000 kr

Payment to BG 5991-8755, write your name as the reference.

If you have questions, please write the Qurator through the form below.

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