Knävlingagillet 2020

When the ice drops, Sydskåningar goes to prom!

On March 7, we open the doors for knävlingagillet 2020. This spring, the South Scanian Nation celebrates 130 years! The Southern Island nation therefore welcomes alumni, members and friends to an evening filled with singing and entertainment. After dinner, the festivities continue with dancing and sixth grade.

The knee vlingagillet was founded in 1967 by Anders Mårtensson and Catharina Markborn and is held every year, now at the end of winter. The reason is that Skåne's farmers were seen once a year to settle their debts. All farmers each had "Knävling", a wooden tray where debts and claims were engraved, in their ownership and when the settled debts they kept a guy, Knävlingagillet.

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