Autumn Semester’s First Regular Nation Meeting 10 September

Dear Sydskåningar!

On Tuesday 10 September the first regular Nation Meeting of the autumn semester will be held. During this Nation Meeting, the selection of positions of trust for Foremen posts and the Houseboard will be done, and decisions on the nation’s budget and operational plan for the autumn 2019 will be taken.

Nomination for this Nation Meeting applies only for candidatures for a member of the Houseboard or House foreman. Nomination time takes place from 13 August to 24 August at 23:59 (nominations received after this time will not be considered). You nominate yourself or someone else by clicking HERE. The remaining supplementary elections are not prepared in advance, for these apply free candidacy at the Nation Meeting. If any nation member wishes to run for a post without the possibility to attend the meeting, candidacy with justification can be sent in advance to q@sydskanska.se.

Interviews for posts of member of the Houseboard or Houseforeman are conducted mainly between Wednesday 28 August and Wednesday 4 September. If you have difficulty attending these times, you can contact the Nomination Committee at valberedning@sydskanska.se.

For questions and concerns, do not hesitate to contact me at q@sydskanska.se.

Best regards,

Moa Johansson