Hello Novisches!

Hello Novisches!

27 June, 2017


Are you new in Lund? Becoming a novisch at Sydskånska is a great way to get to know the Swedish student life.

We would love for you to join us, no matter how much time you have in between classes and homework! When you sign up to become a novisch at Sydskånska, you will be assigned a mentor and a mentor’s group that will help welcome you to the nation and do their best to ensure that your new life in Lund is amazing!

The registration at Sydskånska is open Monday-Friday between 10:00-18:00 from August 21st. There will always be someone there to help you and answer any questions you might have.
Until then you’ll reach us at novischforman@sydskanska.se, where you are warmly welcome with all your questions and concerns!
You can also find us on Facebook – join the group “
Sydskånska Novisch HT17” to keep track of all our novisch activities!

If you have questions regarding accomodation at the nation you can read more here.



[5th sept] Fika with the mentors at Afternoon Teasdag
We’ll be kicking off the novisch period with some classic Swedish ”fika”! Join us at Sydskånska’s Tuesday café “Afternoon Teasdag” and meet your mentors and other new students in Lund.

[8th sept] Clubbing with SSK: discover Electrified
Here at Sydskånska we are most known for our fantastic clubs, with a wide arrangement of music. This Saturday we are having a pre-party together and going out to Electrified, our club for pulsating, electronic music!

[14th sept] Novisch pub
If you like a good atmosphere, live-acts and tasty food, our Thursday pub “Torsdagspuben” is the place for you! We’ll be arriving there with all the mentors to enjoy a cozy evening together with tasty food, good music and great company.

[16th sept] Song book sing-in – sittning
If you’re new in Lund, there are many new concepts that might seem a bit strange to you. Attending a ”sittning” is one of these things and how to act during a dinner party of the formal/informal kind in Lund is what we plan on introducing you to during the song book sing-in. This will make great practice for the big novisch party Tornafesten at the end of the novisch period!

[19th sept] The Torna Tournament
Meet the other Torna nations in a little friendly competition. Throughout the day we will host some fun activities for all novisches and mentors!

[23rd sept] TORNAFESTEN – The Torna Nations Novisch Party
The climax of the novisch period! Together with the other Torna nations we invite you to join us for a very big sittning in the AF castle (AF-borgen),  filled with entertainment, singing, speeches and good food. If you’ve never been to a proper ”lunda-sittning” before, this is a golden opportunity! After the dinner, there will be a big club with an awesome live act. The novisch party is the highlight of the whole semester and therefore a must!

[26th sept] Activities Fair: get to know SSK!
In the small bar we’ll be putting up monters with some of our lovely foremen at the nation who can tell you all about working at the nations different activities and why it’s so wonderful to become an active member. You can also come and enjoy a fika at our café Afternoon Teasdag! 

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