Café Matiné

Every Sunday evening we slow our roll after the weekend’s escapades in the best way we know: by hanging out and watching a movie!

Movie evenings at Sydskånska have two ingredients; good food and good movie. We’ll cook up a vegetarian dinner, often with home-made bread, and we’ll always bake something sweet for dessert. The movies are shown on our big movie screen in the Göstabudssal inside the nation. We always try to show “must-see” movies that which maybe not everyone has seen. Some previous examples include Chocolat, Leon, Amelié, and Black Cat, White Cat.

If you want to join in and have some vegetarian food, live candles, and a good movie, then you’re very welcome to Café Matiné at Sydskånska!

When: Every Sunday from 5 pm to 8 pm. The movie starts at 6 pm.

Costs: Entrance is free, 35 kr for food, dessert, and coffee. You must be a member of Studentlund!