Several times a week Sydskånska Nationen offers sports-related activities both for those who want to feel the blood in their mouth from their exertion, and for those who with childish glee think that the backboard in basketball could’ve been placed just a liitle bit lower.
Check out our Facebook page for upcoming activities.

We do everything from running to salsa dance lessions and much more!

Our most popular event is football, we play football together every Sunday in Tunahallen between 18-19. Every member of Studentlund is welcome to join, but to secure a spot you must sign up on the current list in our Facebook group SSK Sports. And remember to keep an eye on our other fun sport activities!
You’ll find more info in the group, click here: SSK Sports.


Do you want to play hockey? Do you want to try orienteering?
Send your suggestions for sports and games to the foremen using the form below!

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