Svartklubben isn’t the only hiphop club in Lund. But Svartklubben IS the only hiphop club that has kept the same high number of guests coming back for more since 2003, without compromising on any level. Throughout the years we’ve had artists such as Ison & Fille, Joy, Organismen, Chords, Mohammed Ali, Femtastic-kollektivet, and Alaska, consistently keeping the music quality of the club at the top-most level.

Apart from skilled artists we’ve also had many of the best DJ:s in the country spin at our avenue. EKA Scratch, Dj More-10, Johanna Ritscher, Mack Beats, and Dj Large are just a handful of the great many who’ve been in charge of the music.

If you already know that you want to party to House, well then you’re gonna be disappointed in us. But if you’re open for something new, this is your place. If you don’t like hiphop when you arrive, we can almost guarantee that you will when you leave.