Hand in hand, side by side, heads in the sky, and a tickling buzz in our chest.

Maybe that’s not how you feel before you arrive at Heartland, but that’s how it’ll feel when you leave. Never alone, never cold, never lost. Only filled with that special warmth generated by the friction between hungry hearts and the most fragile, but also most revolutionary of pop music.

Here you’ll get to know bands such as The Cure, Joy Division, The Embassy, Vampire Weekend, and the Bad Cash Quartet. Here there’s no difference between huge corporations and MySpace, between buttery pop wonders from the charts and the sweet indie cookies made by charming do-it-yourself magicians living in the cracks and crevices of the world.

At Heartland we love pop – high and low, past and future – and know that the pop loves you. It’s waiting for you, for you to come to Heartland and requite that love, dance and bounce and get lost in it.